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Fenix Inspection Services

Fenix Inspections is your one-stop-shop for product inspections and factory audits in mainland China. We provide personalized product inspections services depending on the needs and requirements of clients. While our inspections are performed in accordance with internationally-accepted quality control standards such as AQL standards and ISO 2859-1, we are also flexible enough to perform inspections based on clients’ instructions and predetermined criteria. We specialize in:

Factory Inspections and Audit (FA)

Fenix Inspections provides comprehensive factory audits to importers who want to establish the legitimacy of claims made by suppliers or manufacturers regarding their capabilities and operating procedures. Having performed hundreds of audits, we can help you clear doubt so that you can sign contracts with trustworthy suppliers in China. Our factory audits covers visit to the suppliers premise and carrying out audit of their services and production lines. During audits, our inspectors will perform the following:

• check the manpower resources
• review production process
• verify existence of QA/QC procedures
• ISO certifications
• seasonal production capabilities
• working conditions for workers
• export experience and capabilities
• company’s product documentation and testing checklist
• contact person or representatives,
• consistency of contacts and address information
• validity and existence of registration certificates
• company’s reputation with 3rd party organizations.

Our comprehensive factory audits and inspections will establish the legitimacy of suppliers, ascertain management and operational procedures, quality control process so that you can make an informed decision when selecting suppliers.

Product Inspections

Fenix inspectors perform just-in-time inspections on behalf of clients who want to ascertain the quality and safety of products before they leave the port. During each inspection, our inspectors randomly select items and examine them carefully. We carefully follow client-established criteria and industry accepted standards when examining products. Where necessary, we’ll take pictures of products with deficiencies and share them so that you make acceptance/rejection decisions. Typical inspections can be completed within one day, however, the time to complete product inspections depends on the quality check requirements.

Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI): we perform PSI on a range of products to ensure they meet the quality threshold and expectations of clients. During inspection, samples are picked randomly and evaluated against your PO. Our objective is to identify and correct problems at the factory by preventing defective products from being shipped. For every defect that’s identified, we’ll also ensure corrective action is taken on time.

Initial production inspection: our inspectors will perform a visual inspection of the first products that come of the production line against your instructions and PO specifications. The initial check will reveal any defects on the test products and help the manufacturer take corrective measures before actual production begins. Intermediary reports will be sent out on the initial production relative to delivery terms.

Production Monitoring: inspectors stay at the factory to observe the manufacturing process with the aim of ensuring materials and quality meet your expectations and specifications. During on-site monitoring, our seasoned inspectors evaluate product at multiple points along the production line as well as production schedule. Defects on products are identified and the manufacturer asked to rework products to meet the desired quality standards. All defects will be addressed on time, thus, ensuring only quality products reach you every time you place an order.

Container Loading: Fenix inspectors ensure that your products are loaded properly and transported securely. During container loading, our inspectors monitor the loading process, check the product quantity, and condition of containers to ensure handling is done properly. Our objective is to make sure the correct product type is loaded and packed in a way that conforms to your requirements.

Supplier Sourcing

Finding and partnering with the right suppliers in China is the key to growing your business and meeting the expectations of your customers. Fenix sourcing experts can act as your “eyes and ears” on the ground in China. Our wealth of experience and broad market knowledge makes us the definitive choice for all your sourcing needs. We know how to scout and secure agreements with manufacturers and suppliers of various product categories. Once a select group of potential suppliers has been identified, our sourcing professionals will review the respective strengths and weaknesses of each candidate. Our professionals will mediate at each stage from sample request, price negotiation, product development, to product placement.

With your product specifications and target pricing in mind, our sourcing team can help you identify and select the most competitive supplier in the market. Whether you want to obtain vital product specifications or get competitive quotes from manufacturers, you can count on Fenix Inspections professionals to supply you with accurate information on any product or manufacturer.

Sourcing Trips to Factories and Trade Shows

Fenix Inspections organizes periodic trips for clients who are interested in attending trade shows or meeting their Chinese manufacturers and suppliers in person. Over the years we have organized factory visits for numerous clients who were eager to witness the manufacturing process first hand. During your trip, we’ll help you hold business meetings with your suppliers and meet new suppliers as well. You will get an opportunity to sort out quality issues with your current supplier and renegotiate your terms of engagement. Our sourcing trip caters for all your travel, accommodation, translators, and personal assistants where necessary.

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