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About Fenix Flex

Fenix Flex

Fenix Flex delivers high quality, specialized fluid transfer products and solutions to companies by developing relationships with suppliers internationally. Through these carefully cultivated relationships, Fenix Flex ensures that all companies can safely, and cost effectively, meet their fluid transfer needs.

  • Sourcing
  • Inspections
  • Needs assessments
  • Safety and use training
  • Traceability
  • Status updates
  • Preventive maintenance

Fenix Flex's Story

Fenix Flex was founded by Dale Dunlap, a former senior executive in the hose and expansion joint industry, an entrepreneur, and a quality expert.  Dale envisioned a company that would provide distributors and end users products purchased from suppliers that fully understood Fenix Flex’s quality and service requirements.  As an industry leader, Dale espouses the values of trust, respect, excellence, and integrity, which he shares with the entire team at Fenix Flex.

Reduce Waste

One of the biggest factors in reducing costs is reducing wasteful practices. At Fenix, we utilize lean manufacturing processes to minimize the amount of waste to virtually null. This reduction in costs is passed along to our customers.

Simplify Everything

Fenix takes complex concepts and works to make every element as simple as possible. Through automation and continuous improvement, we have been able make things as easy as possible for you the customer. We believe simple is best.

Create Flow

By applying principles of lean manufacturing, Fenix has developed a seamless workflow. Without hurdles, waste is reduced and costs are saved. The flow of processes is our secret weapon.

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